Wednesday, January 05, 2011

BOM On Hold

Hold on... it's time for some fresh thinking

As we enter 2011, BOM will be taking a break.

Partly it's a simple matter of time. I'm taking on some new projects, including writing a long-mooted book on the iniquities of our Big Government. There just won't be enough hours to do that alongside the sort of digging that's always supported BOM's best posts.

But it's more than that. After six years, I increasingly find myself repeating posts I've done before - often many times. MOD procurement disasters, mass welfare dependency, dumbed-down education, killer hospitals, egregious politicos, bungling bureaucrats, fat cats, rip-offs, cock-ups, debt and taxes... it all just goes round and round and round, apparently impervious to attack, world without end. And once you feel like that, daily blogging threatens to become a sentence rather than the release it once was.

You even start to ask if change is ever possible? Yes, we are shot of abysmal Labour (for the time being), and yes, the coalition has sounded far more radical than we'd ever imagined it could be. But radical action, well, that's something else altogether.

Action to break up state monopolies and bear down on welfare requires a government prepared to take on the BBC and the rest of the left-wing media. It means robustly rejecting the left's assertion that equality is more important than prosperity. It means confronting the politics of envy, by for example, abolishing the 50p tax rate on the good old fashioned grounds that it raises no revenue and will be catastrophic for growth.

Unfortunately, none of that seems likely to happen any time soon.

So what to do? We need to move forward.

One thing I can do is try a different approach - hence the book, and a couple of other projects. There has to be some way of getting where we need to be.

I'll still be posting from time to time over at the TaxPayers' Alliance, and the BOM back catalogue will remain here. But for now, thank you all for your interest, comments, and support over the years, and let's hope for a 2011 that at least sees us edging in the right direction.