Thursday, December 02, 2010

Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism

The TPA has a new report out today on taxpayer funded environmentalism. That's the outrageous arrangement whereby we pay the hippies to campaign for more restrictions on our freedom to live in the 21st century. The TPA's Emma Boon explains it all in the vid.

Key points:

•A total of £10.1 million was given to a range of environmental groups by the UK Government and the European Union in 2009-10.

•The total includes £2.5 million from various UK local councils, departments and quangos.

•It also includes £7.6 million in European Commission grants to environmental NGOs.

•The Foreign and Commonwealth Office made the largest UK payment in 2009-10 of £342,929 to WWF UK.

•Hackney council made the largest payment in 2009-10 from a UK council at £141,246 to Global Action Plan.

Of course, nobody can object to the hippies' right to run their bonkers campaigns (well, nobody except the Major, that is). But we should all object to being forced to pay £10m pa of our friggin' money to fund those campaigns.
PS Humble apologies for getting the dates wrong yesterday on Pitt the younger. I reported that the Bank Governor had made highly disparaging Mervyn King style remarks about Pitt in 1780. However, as was pointed out by the inestimable William Norton in comments, Pitt "wasn't elected to the Commons until January 1781, and didn't become Chancellor until July 1782." Quite right Mr N - a correction has been made. It just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read in Google. Or in leaked US ambassadors' emails come to that.

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