Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"**** My Victims"

You're going down Bliar

"**** my victims. I carried them for 20 years, and now I'm doing 150 years."
What a brilliant Cagneyesque line. Never mind that he broke the law, Bernie Madoff fingers his greedy victims as the real culprits. He tells a fellow prison inmate:
"People just kept throwing money at me. Some guy wanted to invest, and if I said no, the guy said, 'What, I'm not good enough?' "
You've got to love him. Here's a man who lied and cheated and ran the biggest Ponzi scheme America has ever seen. When the scam finally imploded, his punters were ruined. Yet it turns out he was the real victim himself.

It's like say... oooh... I dunno... suppose some bunch of snake oil politicos promised a bright new dawn of plenty for all, got elected by a gullible public, spent borrowed money like there was no tomorrow, got elected again, spent even more, and carried on like that for years. Obviously when the scam finally imploded, the public would turn on them, sling them out of office and into jail.

Those politicos would probably feel like victims too. After all, if the stupid voters hadn't fallen for the fantasy hook line and sinker, they would never have insisted on such fraudsters staying in power for so long.

Of course, in the real world that could never happen. Failed fraudster politicos don't go to jail. They go to the House of Lords.

PS So just why are busted disgraced Labour getting so much uncritical airtime? Ex-gay marriage and keeping us out of the Euro, every other single thing they touched has turned into a major disaster we now have to somehow sort out. And yet the humbugs currently standing for the Labour leadership - people like the arch-hypocrite Abbott - are treated as if they're perfectly reasonable and respectable members of the community. As for their attempted volte-face on mass immigration, and their stated belief that it's perfectly OK to assassinate Tory leaders... don't get me started.

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