Wednesday, April 14, 2010


They apparently don't think it's all over

So how many people will tune in tomorrow?

Just for your information, here's the all-time top 20:

1 1966 World Cup Final 1966 BBC/ITV 32.30m

2 Funeral of Princess Diana 1997 BBC1/ITV 32.10m

3 Royal Family documentary 1969 BBC1/ITV 30.69m

4 EastEnders: Den divorces Angie 1986 BBC1 30.15m

5 Apollo 13 splashdown 1970 BBC1/ITV 28.6m

6 FA Cup Replay: Chelsea v Leeds 1970 BBC1/ITV 28.49m

7 Royal Wedding: Charles and Diana 1981 BBC/ITV 28.40m

8 Princess Anne's wedding 1973 BBC1 27.60m

9 Coronation Street: Alan Bradley killed by tram 1989 ITV 26.93m

10 Only Fools And Horses: Batman and Robin 1996 BBC1 24.35m

11 EastEnders: Pat Butcher runs down little girl 1992 BBC1 24.30m

12 Royal Variety Performance: Shirley Bassey, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore 1965 ITV 24.20m

13 JFK assassination news 1963 BBC/ITV 24.15m

14= Winter Olympics: Torvill and Dean 1994 BBC1 23.95m

14= To The Manor Born: Penelope Keith holds hands with Peter Bowles 1979 BBC1 23.95m

16 World Cup: England v Argentina 1998 ITV 23.78m

17= Miss World: Miss Grenada, Jennifer Hoste 1970 BBC1 23.76m

17= Miss World: Miss Peru, Madeline Hartog Bel Houghton 1967 BBC1 23.76m

19 Royal Variety Performance: Michael Crawford 1975 BBC1 22.66m

20 Apollo 8 and 11 splashdowns 1968 BBC/ITV 22.54m

What do you reckon? Will it make it into the top 20? And even if it does, will it make any difference?

Tyler spent a chunk of today with people from various centre right think tanks. And despite the polls, the almost unanimous view among participants was a 20-40 seat Tory majority.

TV debate or not, is anything really going to change over the next 3 weeks?

PS How many did Tyler watch? Just 6.

PPS Sorry, listening to the Great Orange Hain on Newsnight appealing to "decent progressive voters, be they Liberal Democrats, Greens, or Great Crested Wibblies" to vote Labour in order to keep out the "savage Tories", has made me vomit all over the keyboard. So this blog may be indecipherable.

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