Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Labour's Legacy Of Misery

We've blogged the Misery Index before. It was first devised when Labour last had a go at wrecking our economy, back in the 70s. It comprises the sum of the annual increase in the RPI and the unemployment rate, which are two key statistics in gauging economic misery.  

The latest reading has pushed the index up to 12.4%, comprising 4.4% RPI inflation and an 8% unemployment rate.

So they really have done it again. When Labour came to power, the index was running at 10% and falling. It is now 12.4% and rising.

And today's unemployment stats show quite clearly that Brown's apparent miracle of stabilised employment in the teeth of recession was no more than a cruel illusion. And the unemployment rate of 8% compares to the 7% they inherited.

What a disaster.

PS Tyler lunched with a friend who has now completed his contingency arrangements to bail out on 7 May. He has a private pilot's licence, and even if the air space eco police have again closed us down, he's off. He reckons remaining here with Brown still at the controls will be far more hazardous to his health than any conceivable cloud of volcanic ash. But he'll need an early start - our guess is that the runways could be pretty packed that day.

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