Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Day On The Doorsteps

Tyler is soaking his feet after a day out canvassing.

The good news is that judging from today's feedback, the polls are seriously underestimating the Tory lead.

Yes, OK, it's an affluent Tory constituency down South, so Tyler can't present a national picture. But in 2005 the support in this same constituency didn't feel anything like as strong. And as we all now understand, the polls schmolls are subjected to such tortured statistical gymnastics before they appear in the headlines we should take them with a huge shovel of salt (it will be fascinating to see just how much egg has been spattered across those famous polling faces on 7 May).

Key doorstep issues?

Sleaze obviously came up, but that's not a problem for this Tory incumbent, who's as clean as a whistle and known to be so.

Fuel prices - absolutely beyond a joke. Tyler was able to hammer home the point that 65% of it is tax (eg see this blog).

Soft on crime - yes, that old favourite is still there.

And the pressing relevance of that issue is further underlined by this grim post from our old friend the Village Postmaster. Since suffering his own armed robbery he monitors all such attacks involving convenience stores, and on his count there have been:
  •  6 murders of shop workers since January 2009 (for comparison, the emergency services have suffered one murder)
  • 16 violent attacks in just the last 2 months.
A shocking commentary on Labour's failure to grip violent crime.

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