Friday, March 26, 2010

The Working Class Can Kiss My Rail Pass

TPA factcheck catches out union fatcat

It's scarcely believable. After everything we learned and did in the 70s and 80s, the bolshie trade union boss has come back to wreck our economy all over again. 13 years of Labour misrule and he's back on the picket line, as destructive as ever.
And what prize humbugs these people are. Bob Crow - head of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers - telling us with a straight face that the first national rail strike in 18 years is all about passenger safety. Tony Woodley - semi-head of the hilariously misnamed Unite union - telling us the BA strike is down to management's fanatical mission to destroy the union. Mark Serwotka - head of the Public and Commercial Services Union - telling us that a public sector pay freeze is impossible because his members can only just exist on their current diet of peanuts (for the real facts see here).

But at least today the TPA's Matt Sinclair landed one on Dave Prentis, fatcat head of Unison, another union that will soon be bringing our public services to a halt.

As it shows in the vid, although Prentis reckons his members have to subsist on peanuts, he himself was paid £127 grand in 2008-09 (salary and benefits).

And just so you know next time they're on the telly, here's what those other jokers got:
  • Bob Crow - £105 grand
  • Tony Woodley - £72 grand
  • Mark Serwotka - £111 grand
And you can peruse the full list of what other union bosses get here (Appendix 5).

Personally, I don't care what unions pay their bosses, but (a) I don't want to fund it - as Labour has forced me to do - and (b) I don't want to hear maxi-wedged humbugs lecturing me about why I should pay higher train fares/air fares/taxes to support their members - mainly so that they themselves can keep their own cushtie jobs.

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