Sunday, March 07, 2010


...the one that sold us the rubbish computer system

Everyone of a certain age will know what ITMA stands for - Information Technology Money Abyss.

As we've blogged many times, it's much more diffcult to think of a government IT project that's worked than it is to recount the huge catalogue of costly disasters. The NHS Supercomputer, the Rural Payments Agency fiasco, the HMRC tax credit meltdown, the Department of Transport system that can do nothing but bark instructions in German... no, it's too painful to go on.

When we blogged an update on the IT money incinerator last year, the government's 8 largest projects were running a combined £18.6bn over budget and years behind schedule. But frankly, it's so depressing we've steered away from the entire area since then.

Still, if you're in the mood - but only after a serious shot of medicinal fortification - you might want to listen to this week's File on 4. Gerry Northam surveys the IT wreckage and asks if an incoming government could save some dosh by stopping the madness outright?

And if you don't have time, the answer's yes.


Big IT is a classic example of Big Government overreach. It seems such an obvious idea when you're perched in the Eagle's Nest in Whitehall - especially when you're being schmoozed by boss of Big IT International. But we honestly never have come across a case where it's worked out for the best.

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