Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

The biggest bunfight in world history

No time for a proper blog today, but as you watch the wall-to-wall BBC/C4 coverage of the Copenhagen grandstandingfest, we wanted to make sure you've got the TPA's analysis of the costs in front of you (see TPA research note here, and Mail article here).

Overall, the direct cost to taxpayers is estimated at £130m. This comprises the travel, accommodation, food, and salary costs of the 15000 - yes, 15000 - government delegates who will be attending, plus the cost of the facilities and security.

In addition to those 15000, there will be 5000 media and up to 45000 warming activists in attendance. The BBC has sent an extraordinary 35 people - all at our expense - and in the case of UK activists, you can bet many of them will be in receipt of government funding in one form or another.

But the good news is that Copenhagen's prostitutes are offering their services for free on production of a conference pass. Prostitution is pefectly legal in Denmark, and according to Susanne Møller - spokesperson for the SIO (the Sex Workers Interest Group) - climate scientists will be given the warmest of warmist welcomes:

"If you have a lab coat and a hotel bar receipt, your emissions will be peer-reviewed at local brothels until Dec. 18."

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