Friday, December 11, 2009

More Of Your Cash Wibbled Away

I'll give you £1.5bn if I can wear the Big Hat

Never mind that we are stoney broke, the arrogant unelected clown masquarading as our PM has just blown another £1.5bn of our money in an attempt to buy himself some international status:
"At an EU summit in Brussels, the Prime Minister offered to pay the money into an EU fund intended to help poorer countries to cut their carbon emissions.
The offer will make Britain the largest contributor. France and Germany each promised around £1.2 billion to the EU fund, which will be worth around £6.5 billion in all."
Just so we're clear, Brown has agreed that we will pay 23% of the EU total, even though we only account for 13.6% of EU GDP. In other words, we are paying 70% more than our fair share.

And what is this fund anyway? How will it be spent? How much will get eaten up in the EU bureaucracy? Which wibbletech companies will get the orders? And which African dictator's Swiss account will benefit most? We know only too well what history tells us, but don't hold your breath for answers from Brown.

Meanwhile, the £180m pa tax-funded Met Office has published its latest scare story for Copenhagen:
"Global temperature for 2010 is expected to be 14.58 °C, the warmest on record."
Not one, but two places of decimals. That really is arrogance.

Of course, given enough computers, even the most blinkered monkeys will eventually hit the right answer. But we still suggest you note that prediction for future reference.

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