Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Time For Not Having Much Of A Choice

Ah, but we were so much older then

This evening Tyler inbibed a beer or two with a very sound, and very well informed, think-tank cove from across the silver sea.

This particular cove knows our sceptr'd isle very well; indeed, Tyler realised he's a bit of an anglophile on the QT. For example, he reckons our relatively small contribution to the the war in Afghanistan is absolutely essential to the entire effort - and from a military, not a political standpoint. Viewed from Washington, it seems our guys really are The Best (well ex-US, obviously).

Naturally, we fell to discussing next year's UK election.

Is Cam going to win?


But is he going to do the biz?

Hmm... maybe not. He looks more like SuperMac Mk II - he's even got the guy's photo hanging in his office, for Gawd's sake.

Yeah... hmm... depressing... how would SuperMac have coped with the need to cut public spending by 10-15%?

Right... but what about the US? HTF is St Obama going to cope with the US problems?

Hmm... yes... hmmm...


Isn't there someone out there, who maybe we don't yet know, who's going to get a grip? Who's going to provide some leadership?

Well, there's Bobby Jindal.

Say what?

Bobby Jindal - he's the Indian Governor of Louisiana... brilliant... except... he can't do big speeches.


What we really need is someone like Reagan.

Yeah! Right!

A time for choosing... 1964... have you seen that?

No... no, I haven't.

Well, you should.

So I have. And you should too (vid above). It really is a slice of that Old Time Religion.

If only we had such a choice now.

Even if it did take Reagan another 16 years before he made the White House.

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