Saturday, November 14, 2009

Relax - They're Only Murderers

So let's get this straight. For some reason the Major and I haven't quite been able to fathom, Mr Barrowclough decided to let out convicted murderer Patricia Gillette to go shopping in Bromley. Amazingly, she legged it, and is now on the loose among us.

Well, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe she's one of those unlucky moment-of-madness type murderers, rather than a full-on hardcore headcase.

No. Det Supt Gary Gornell has issued the following urgent warning to the public:

"This individual is dangerous and we need to apprehend her as soon as possible. If anyone sees her, please don't approach her, but call police immediately."
Still, hopefully you won't be the one who'll encounter Ms Gillette up that dark alley. So everything will be fine.

Although come to think of it, you may encounter convicted murderer Brian Clayton. Despite the fact that he'd already absconded once before, Mr Barrowclough decided to let him out to go shopping in Solihull last month. Amazingly, Clayton legged it, and is now on the loose among us.

Police say he is also dangerous and anyone seeing him should dial 999 immediately.

Of course, convicted murderers don't have to escape in order to come back among us. Loads of them just get let out on parole.

Yesterday we heard how convicted murderer Mark Shirley was released last year, and within months was attempting to re-enact the horrific murder for which he had been jailed.

"Giving evidence, the victim fought back tears as she relived the "disgusting" attack. She said Shirley repeatedly alluded to his murder victim, but she had no idea what he was talking about.

She said: "He said he once knew a lady, a sweet lady and her name was Mary. He kept saying I was a trustable and sweet lady like her." She told the court that he said he was going to “cut me to make me smell as sweet as Mary.”

The woman said Shirley raped and sexually assaulted her on her own kitchen table. The attack stopped only when the woman’s son returned home, and Shirley fled."
It is absolutely outrageous. The only reason this poor woman had to go through this is because the hand wringing liberals who preside over our criminal "justice" system quite deliberately released a convicted murderer into our midst. A murderer. Not a pick-pocket or a TV licence dodger, but a convicted MURDERER.

And what do these arrogant humbugs have to say for themselves?

"Mr Shirley's case has been referred to the Parole Board review committee. The review committee will consider and identify what lessons can be learnt from this case in order to help prevent further such incidents."
We can save them the time.

There is only one lesson, and it is this: convicted murderers should never ever be allowed out.

Either on parole or on shopping trips.

Is that so hard to understand?

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