Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Warmism is not our specialist subject, but we really can't let the scandal of Climategate pass without comment.

As you will know, emails and other material "liberated" from the publicly funded Climatic Research Institute at the University of East Anglia, show quite clearly that warmist "scientists" have been manipulating data on climate change in order to con the public into believing their religion. Their very expensive religion.

The emails talk explicity of data manipulation "tricks", "hiding the decline" observed in actual temperature records, and suppressing dissident views (you can access the complete set here, but be warned - there are shedloads). It's all straight out of the Manual of Stalinist Tractor Statistics. The emails also contain requests to other warmist "scientists" to destroy embarrassing records that might be subject to public disclosure under freedom of information laws (an inconvenience such people didn't suffer in the USSR).

The significance of this hasn't yet been properly reflected in the mainstream media here in the UK (although Monbiot does admit it's "a major blow"). Certainly the coverage on yesterday's Newsnight tried to sweep it aside as some kind of handbags spat between a bunch of science beardies. Which was hardly surprising given that the BBC's stated editorial policy is to downplay the views of disbelievers in warmism (see this blog).

But although the UK msm is fully warmist, and its eco correspondents little more than propagandists for the cause, these days we all have other sources for our news. And the full story is emerging on the web. The ever excellent Watt's Up With That, has a good collection of posts and links on the scandal, including these two vids:

1) The punchy 5 min version from Fox News:

2) The longer 10 min version from Dr Tim Ball:

So to summarise, the so-called "settled science" of climate change is controlled by around 40 groupthink academics who "peer review" each other's papers, and exclude papers produced by dissidents. They have cobbled together a bunch of highly questionable data to support their claims, and refuse to release it to independent third parties in case their cobbling is exposed.

And who funds these charlatans?

Yes, that's right - you and I. It's you and I, and other British taxpayers, who fund the operations supplying the world climate change lobby with the bulk of their "scientific" input. As that pompous twerp Miliband Jnr keeps boasting, the UK is a world leader in fabricated warmist propaganda the established science of climate change.

Cost? As we've blogged before, exact figures are hard to come by because they are suppressed. But when last sighted, the Climatic Research Institute at the University of East Anglia had £3m of research grant funding, virtually all of it from taxpayers.

We don't have specific figures for the Met Office's notorious Hadley Centre (East Anglia's close working partner and cobbler-in-chief to the ludicrous Stern Report). But we do know that the Met Office costs us over £180m pa, of which £21m is for "climate research".

In any case, these research grants are the least of the costs. The real costs are measured in terms of the massive ecclesiastical bureaucracies spawned by warmism, and the even bigger tithes inflicted via green taxes and regulatory commandments.

But at least we all know the truth now: the "inescapable facts" of warmism are nothing more than a bunch of dodgy data manufactured by the high priests. The same high priests who have a direct financial interest in convincing us that they're right.

PS Farming News - according to Tyler's farming correspondent, the global threat posed by farting livestock could be dealt with very easily - by fixing a naked flame in the close vicinity of each animal's gaseous orifice. According to him, the methane would then turn into nothing more noxious than H2O. Tyler advised him to apply for a research grant asap.


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