Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Head And Heart

Socialists have always speechified from the heart... even in March 1945

"The Conservative Party want people to believe that the ballot paper has an option marked change without consequence... But the financial crisis forced them to show their hand and they showed they had no hearts."
Brown to the Labour Conference today.

No hearts.

You see that's the thing about socialists - they somehow imagine that anyone who isn't a socialist doesn't have a heart.

They are the Good Guys, and on that basis they feel able to order your world, to relieve you of your freedoms and your cash, to subject you to substandard services, and to denigrate the whole concept of personal responsibility. It's a worldview that undermines prosperity, limits personal achievement, and corrodes the social fabric. But at least their hearts are in the right place.

I was going to blog Brown's speech, but frankly I can't be bothered.

On a day when we're all horrified by the latest catastrophic failure of Labour's PC police force to protect ordinary people in their own homes, who cares what Brown has to say about new flavours of ASBO? Who cares about his promises to set up re-education camps for teenage mums, or his new control orders for 50,000 problem families? Who cares about his U-turn on 24-hour drinking?

Who cares about the dozens of random new spending pledges he made? Or the fact that he doesn't actually have the money to deliver any of them?

And who cares that he's still telling the same old lies about how he saved 500,000 jobs, and how the Evil Tories would have let the financial system collapse, and how the ETs want ordinary hard-working people to live in ditches?

That's the funny thing about your heart ruling your head. It excuses not just wholesale incompetence, but it also lets you tell the most monstrous porkies. When your heart is big and you're the good guy, it seems you can do what the eff you like.

PS At least Andrew Neil got a grip on the slimey Liam Byrne and the slippery Mandy this pm as they attempted to spin Labour's record of lies and evasion on the economy. "Where did that figure of half a million saved jobs actually come from, given that the Treasury have disowned it? How can you claim you saved the economy when your fiscal package was so small (see this blog)? Why should anyone trust Brown on cuts when until this month he denied there'd even be any - even though they were already assumed in his spending plans?"

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