Friday, August 14, 2009


Doing their bit

Mr and Mrs T are heading West for a week's staycation. According to the Met Office five day forecast, they'll be enjoying "sunny intervals" - which is why they're packing their bicycle capes and waders.

Times are tough out West: as the Western Morning News says:
"RAIN-LASHED holidaymakers are considering shunning the Westcountry after the Met Office's U-turn on a "barbecue summer" forecast.

Travel firm said interest in "staycation" holidays in Britain had peaked in June, when searches on its website for UK destinations surpassed those for Spain. Since July's constant rain, Spain has become the most searched holiday spot, with the UK slipping from fourth to fifth place behind Turkey, Greece and Italy."

But the Westcountry's tourism industry is reportedly worth around £5bn pa and is a vital source of local employment. In these straightened times, Mr and Mrs T are proud to be doing their bit.

So here's a suggestion - the next time Lord Rothschild invites you to holiday at his villa on Corfu, just say no. You'll enjoy yourself just as much in a caravan on Dawlish Warren Holiday Park (pic above), and you'll be able to walk tall.

Unlike all those ministers selfishly worshipping a foreign sun.

PS The broadband status of our holiday destination is unknown - posts may be sporadic to non-existent over the next week.

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