Monday, July 20, 2009

The Public Teat

£700bn feeding frenzy

His Extreme Eminence Bishop Hill has managed to get some fascinating information out of the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF). It's a spreadsheet listing all the individual payments that went into the department's £66bn spend last year (see here). And it makes for a riveting read.

His Grace has been busy combing through it and highlights a number of payments going to some of BOM's oldest friends. You should read his post, but here's a taster:

  • Guardian Media Group - £1.1m.
  • Gypsy Media Company - £7,500 ("Britain's only media company run by and for Gypsies")
  • Consultants -£28m
  • Cap Gemini £44m
  • Crapita £132m
  • BBC's Mike Baker - £2,643

Etc etc

This is the first fruit from a much bigger and altogether splendid project the Bishop has underway:

"This would look at those companies that were living off the taxpayer. It would essentially be a searchable database, where you could look up how much a company was raking in from which bit of the state. It would be called The Public Teat."

Of course, in theory, George will be launching just such a searchable spending database when he becomes Chancellor. And it's something we've long called for on BOM (eg see here).

But His Grace isn't prepared to wait for all that - he needs Action This Day.

So well done to him.

And let's hope he can get the comparable info out of all the other spending departments. We need to know precisely who's getting all the billions we pay in taxes every year.

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