Thursday, June 18, 2009


Soaring into the stratosphere


Today's public borrowing stats are way beyond dire: they are OMG terminal.

In the first two months of this financial year the government borrowed £30.5bn, comfortably over twice what they borrowed in the same two months last year.

At this rate we will certainly blow Darling's budget forecast of £175bn borrowing over the entire year. Even a straight pro rating suggests we'll hit £190bn, but with unemployment surging, that's an underestimate. Get ready for £200bn+.

In other words, Brown/Darling will smash the pre-NuLab record for a single year's government borrowing by a factor of 4 (previous record was £51bn in 1993-94). That is incompetence of an exceptionally high order.

Yes, yes, of course - you and I know we should adjust that for inflation. But not only does our beloved leader himself ignore inflation adjustments when it suits him, even if we did adjust the figures, this would still be well over twice the previous record.

And as we've said many times, either through taxes or inflation, you and I are the ones who will have to pay it off. For years and years... long after Catastrophe Brown has faded into just an unpleasant memory.


According to the Met Office, Hull is the new City by the Bay.

For an undisclosed fee - paid by those generous folk at "the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department of Energy and Climate Change with the Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government and Northern Ireland Department of the Environment" - the Met Office has calculated Hull's climate in 2050.

We now know for A FACT that by 2050, Hull will be sizzling in Med-style temperatures, and its depressing North Sea drizzle will be a thing of the past.

As regular readers may recall, we've blogged the unappreciated potential of Hull before. This is the final proof. Thanks to the twin blessings of global warming and the property crash, you now have the chance to make your fortune!

Right now, you can pick up brand new top spec riverside apartments for a tad over £100 grand apiece. And just think what they'll be worth once the city looks like this:

You know it makes sense - I'll bet those boys from the Met Office have dived in already.

PS The Met Office describes its new toy thus: "UK Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP09) is a climate analysis tool, funded by Defra, which features the most comprehensive climate projections ever produced. Projections are broken down to a regional level across the UK and are shown in probabilistic form — illustrating the potential range of changes and the level of confidence in each prediction." But when you look at the projections, all you find are numbers for temperature and rainfall. There's no mention at all of those extra hours of sunshine we'll enjoy in 2050. The sunshine numbers have been redacted - possibly literally, since there's an odd gap in the summary where they look like they might have slotted in. Why, you'd almost think the Met Office don't want us to know the good news about Hull. And indeed the rest of Britain.

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