Monday, June 22, 2009

Holiday Ideas

Having only just been castigated by one BOM reader for "laziness born of financial comfort" (see this post), I hesitate to mention the following: Mrs T and I are off on holiday for a week.

But while we're away, here are a couple of things that you might want to try.

First, do - please do - take a look at an excellent new website, Debt Bombshell. Not only does it tell you everything you never wanted to know about our ballooning National Debt, but it also features a scary graphic of the actual ticking debt bomb itself.

The site recommends we all write to our MPs to underline the seriousness of the situation, and demand they start pressing for action. We'll be doing exactly that on our return, and may we urge you to do likewise.

Second, please take a look at the Ministry of Truth campaign for a Prohibition of Deception Act. The idea is that any MP who makes a statement that he knows to be "misleading, false or deceptive in a material manner" gets sent down.

Now I know what you're thinking - how can we possibly have a law like that when the prisons are already full?

Not a problem - we'd simply establish a Sheriff Joe-style tent prison.

Or maybe you were wondering how we'd ever prove a politico knowingly made false statements?

Agreed, that is a little trickier: after all, even on those obviously non-existent Iraqi WMD, Bliar had probably convinced himself they did exist (because that's what salesmen do).

Which is why Tyler asked the organisers over at Minitruth how this law could ever work? They said there would be an "independent regulatory body" which would sit in judgement. Tyler immediately nominated himself and the Major as OffTruth's first permanent members.

Third, tomorrow night at 8pm you might want to tune in your cat's whisker to BBC R4. File on 4 is taking a close look at PFI, and whether by any stretch of the imagination it can possibly be giving taxpayers value for money. It should include testimony from The Bloke... assuming he hasn't been dumped on the cutting room floor of course.

PS Holiday, eh? In his defence, Tyler wishes to state that this is his first holiday in 2009, and it's only for one week, and he's only going to Bognor. Or somewhere like that, anyway. Plus, he'll carry on posting poolside. Plus he'll mortify his flesh in some way. He'll maintain his integrity somehow. Promise.

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