Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Timely Warning

Pol on Newsnight explaining how to be a working class hero

This morning, the Grauniad carries an extraordinarily insightful piece by respected governance expert Ms P Toynbee. She points out some alarming facts few of us have noticed:

"Gordon Brown has been tested and found in want of almost every attribute a leader needs. Squalid dealings by his poisonous inner circle were exposed to the light of day; yet at the same time he lacks a leader's necessary political cunning...

The abyss awaits. As long as he remains leader, there is nothing that wretched Labour candidates can plausibly say on the doorstep at next month's European elections. They are struck dumb. Why should people vote for them? The horse manure bought on expenses is garnish for a decomposing government. The heart of the matter is the economy, and Brown's responsibility for the bubble years. He personally is to blame..."


Ms Toynbee has certainly opened Tyler's eyes. Because now she points it out, Tyler can suddenly see the pattern - literally everything Brown has ever touched has been destroyed. Just think about it:
  • Economy - destroyed

  • Public finances - destroyed

  • Pension system - destroyed

  • Public services - destroyed

  • School standards - destroyed

  • University standards - destroyed

  • Hospital safety - destroyed

  • Safety on the streets - destroyed

  • Civil service competence - destroyed

  • Parliamentary democracy - destroyed

So HTF did we end up with such a monster? Especially since nobody ever voted for him.

According to Ms Toynbee, we only got the hopeless bungling indecisive psychologically flawed Brown because important Prog Con thinkers believed he'd implement the Final Push, delivering the Workers' Paradise long foretold. Unfortunately, they turned out to be wrong.

Can you believe that!!!?? Can you believe anyone could be so arrogant that they'd foist this idiot on us because they presumed to know better than the electorate?

Who were they? We need to know so we can remember not to trust their judgement again.

According to the Major, one was that mouthy bird who's always on Newsnight - you know, the one who dresses up as a Marianne Faithfull tribute act (vid above). And he thinks M'Lord and Lady Marr were involved, along with St Bonio of Tax Haven. Then, there's long-time Labour stalwart Jeeves.

In fact, convicted fraudster Jeeves was on Newsnight just last night, telling us not to worry about the MPs' expenses scandal, and assuring us that everybody cheats on their expenses. We should apparently break free from our "tedious bourgeois obsession" with personal honesty. It's all rather a long way from his Emmy Award winning performance accusing the Rt Hon John Major of big money sleaze:

The warning is very clear, and very familiar.

We should never trust politicos with our wallets.

We should never listen to comfortable middle class fantasists telling us how to live our lives.

And we should never listen to people who want to make our bungling sleazy government even bigger.

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