Friday, May 08, 2009

How Say You?

Why are you still here?

Amid the latest jaw-dropping revelations of personal dishonesty and sleaze among our rulers, the line being pedalled on the BBC is that there is nothing here requiring resignation. Apparently, the worst these low-lifes have to fear is a bit of verbal in the Court of Public Opinion.

Well, just for the record, the jury round our way - which long ago returned a guilty verdict - has just upped its sentencing recommendation. Instead of mere flaying alive, the jury is now recommending full adoption of the Westminster reform proposals set out in Carswell and Hannan's excellent book The Plan:
  • Abolition of all Parliamentary allowances - only a constituency office and travel to Westminster (both openly and fully documented) to be permitted expenses (Tyler adds that the expensed travel should be second class)
  • No state funding for political parties - including an end to the egregious Communications Allowance
  • Many fewer MPs - if we had the same number of MPs per head as the US, we'd need less than 100

Wonder why Mr Cam is so quiet?

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