Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hermit In Residence

At least the rubbish was cheaper back then

So Manchester Museum has appointed a hermit in residence:

"The artist Ansuman Biswas is to live in the museum's Victorian Gothic tower for 40 days and nights – with only a computer modem for company.

... On each day of his stay, from the end of June until early August, he will be concentrating on one object, and conducting an online discussion with the public about its significance - and its fate. Some of the objects he selects, some apparently trivial, some highly valued by the museum, may never make their way back to the collections.

"I will be developing a dialogue with the public, drawing attention to certain objects and ask why we care about them - and if we care about them," he said. "As Joni Mitchell said, you don't know what you've got till it's gone."


After all, Manchester has spawned hermits before. There were the unforgettable Herman's Hermits, who also developed a dialogue on museums and stuff (see vid). And remember, they were pre-Joni Mitchell!

Of course, there is one teensy difference between the Hermits of Herman and Mr Biswas: the former were not tax-funded.

When last reported (seven ! years ago) Manchester Museum was getting £2m pa of taxpayers' money.

Sounds like yet another contribution to George's List.

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