Monday, April 20, 2009

Workers' Flats

The Major and I watched Heather Brooke's excellent C4 Dispatches prog last night on MPs' expenses ( the Westminster Gravy Train - watch again at 2.25am (!) on Tuesday).

As the disgusting details of unbridled trough snuffling spewed forth, the Major got so agitated he was forced to open a second bottle of his medicinal Romanian cognac.

"WTFFFFF do we have to pay for all these second and third homes!!?? Why don't we just build a block of workers' flats in Lambeth for them to live in?"

Well, why indeed? That's what they do in Sweden.

"And WTFFFF do we let these people have second and third jobs!!?? You aren't allowed to do that in the regiment... or the civil service, come to that."

Absolutely right, Major.

True, turkeys will never willingly vote for Xmas. But the more people out here know about the abuses, the more chance we have of forcing them to do so.

If you missed it, set the PVR for 2.25am on Tuesday.

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