Saturday, April 11, 2009

How Dare Fawkes Drag Mr Punch Into The Gutter?

The humbug has inserted itself again

No, I'm sorry.

The sight and sound of the appalling Mr Punch telling us that McBride only became a guttersnipe scumbag because Guido Fawkes made him, is simply too much to bear.


Ah, that's better.

Mr Punch - the notorious self-inserting arse humbug* - has just told the BBC that the only reason McBride dreamed up his slanderous smear campaign was because people like Guido have dragged politics into the personality gutter.

Apparently, our sainted rulers want to be decent honest and truthful, but they're prevented by disruptive outsiders like Guido. So they have no choice but to become lying toe rags.

How perfectly frightful for them.

And what a shame they'll have to suffer for another 12 months.

*Footnote - We've blogged pants ex-quangocrat Pound many times (eg here). He was the one who promised BBC R4 Today listeners he'd table whatever law they voted for - the Listeners' Law - but had no hesitation in reneging when he didn't like the law they chose (he called us listeners bastards for choosing the Tony Martin Law). Fortunately, his majority is only 13%, so come next year we need never hear from him again.

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