Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Cricket

A vast improvement on WG Grace

So if the Indian cricket circus relocates to us, who pays?

The English cricket authorities - the self-same wallies who got into bed with conman Stanford - are slavering at the thought of all the dosh they'll get, and they're talking wildly of £100m of wider economic spillover effects. But who's going to pay for the huge security operation?

Let's recognise a few facts:
  • This tournament is being relocated from India because it will be a target for Islamic terrorists and security is a major issue
  • There are plenty of Islamic extremists living right here in the UK
  • There is less than a month to organise the thing - so far there is no security plan
  • The police have not been consulted and have grave reservations - not least because the tournament clashes with a number of other security nightmares (see here)
  • Security always ends up costing far more than originally announced - the projected bill for 2012 is now approaching £1bn

The week before the tournament, the G20 summit will have drained police resources from all around Britain, will have cancelled all police leave, and will have landed taxpayers with a £50m bill (see here). The very last thing we need is another expensive high-risk circus immediately afterwards.

PS And talking of tax-funded circuses, far be it from me to question Boris. But just how much is he going to spend on this St Georges Day jamboree? When last sighted, Green Ken's St Paddy's Day was costing us £100 grand pa (see here).

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