Friday, December 12, 2008

Spinning The Stats

A scholar and a gentleman

Sir Michael Scholar is a mandarin of the old school: those Oxbridge men of myth and legend who believed duty to country always trumps duty to some here-today-gone-tomorrow politico.

Such men abhor the media spotlight. Yet Sir Michael - the head of our brand new UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) - is so outraged by NuLab's misuse and corruption of Britain's official statistics that he has spent most of today giving radio and TV interviews on the subject.

At issue is No 10 and the Home Office publishing statistics on knife crime against the specific wishes of the Office for National Statistics, who are supposedly responsible for their release. It is a clear case of misusing official stats for the purposes of political manipulation, and it is directly contrary to much trumpeted assurances from Gordo that all such releases would henceforth be under the control of government statisticians and Sir Michael's independent oversight Authority.
In Sir M's measured words:
"There is a code designed to prevent political manipulation and my authority was set up to police this code. I am sorry to say the Home Office and No 10 broke these rules."

Bad enough. But this is the tip of a very ugly Home Office stats iceberg.

Regular BOM readers will be familiar with the HO's disgraceful form on manipulating crime stats, and their even more disgraceful refusal to allow their key stats to be produced independently by the ONS (eg see this blog).

Of course, such systematic manipulation comes at a cost. As Sir Michael has been highlighting in his interviews today, 4 out of 5 of us now say we don't trust official stats. Which for an advanced economy is a stunning failure, and shows just how far Nulab have corrupted an essential part of our national infrastructure.

We need to remember what Sir M is saying today. And the next time Mark, David, and Danny tell us we're rabid right wingers for disbelieving the rosy glow of the government's latest crime stats, we'll suggest they go and have a quiet chat with a real old-time mandarin.


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