Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad News For Moggies

Carry me to my car Miss Jones

This afternoon Old Labour will update us on their definition of fat cat. Reportedly it's anyone on an income over £150 grand pa.

Quite coincidentally, the TPA has just published this year's Public Sector Rich List. And as you may recall, £150 grand is also the entry point for inclusion there.

This year there are 387 assorted quangocrats and public sector bureaucrats earning above the magic number (excluding Town Hall officials who have their own separate list). That's up from 300 last year. As a group, their pay has been increasing by 11% pa, and the top package is now £1.24m pa (the head of Network Rail).

But at least all these people now face the tax on fat cats.

You couldn't ask for a clearer acknowledgement of just how badly Labour has bogged up public sector pay.

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