Friday, November 21, 2008

Angry At Mr Angry

Back when he still enjoyed a good joke

Mr Angry just can't bottle it up any more. A couple of weeks ago he was angry at foreigners:
"What I'm angry about at the moment is that the proposals we've been putting forward for years, which might have helped deal with the problem, have not yet been implemented... while we wanted to go ahead with these changes, other countries did not."

And today... well, blow me down, he seems to be angry at foreigners again (Jeremy Vine Show 1 hour 19 mins in):
"I'm angry about what I saw happening in America - really angry - because these were risks people were taking that we knew nothing about, and they've affected everyone right across the world."

No wonder he's angry. For was he not the most successful Chancellor in history? Did he not preside over a decade of prosperity unparalleled in the long and noble history of these islands? How dare these foreigners let him down by doing risky things without informing him.

Of course, if he wants to see some real anger he should come down our way and mention that appalling bloke who just last year told us such Monstrous Lies as the following:

"In 2008, alongside North America, our growth will again be the highest in the G7 - between 2½ and 3 per cent - with the same rate of growth also in 2009 - under this Government, with stability in this as in every other Budget the foundation, sustained growth year on year."
Reality check - the IMF now expects the UK economy to contract faster than any other in the G7.
"Just as our monetary discipline is the foundation of our economic strength, our fiscal discipline is the foundation of the strength of Britain's finances...

Britain's net borrowing, which in the early 1990s went as high as 8 per cent of our national income is this year just 2.7 per cent.

Compared to a deficit equivalent of over £100 billion in a single year in the early 1990s, the figure for this and future years will be £35 billion then 34, 30, 28, 26 and 24 billion."

Reality check - borrowing this year is on track for £70bn, heading for £150bn pa, or about 10% of GDP. Far far worse than anything under the Tories, and far worse than any other G7 economy.

Gah! It's no good. I had intended to Fisk the whole of Gordo's 2007 Budget speech, but I'm too angry to read it.

This crisis simply cannot be shuffled off onto perfidious foreigners. Gordo presided over an economy built on a gigantic wobbly bubble of debt. He took huge risks that he certainly didn't tell us about. Sure, part of his failure was crass incompetence. But much of it was down to his sheer arrogance, and yes, his wholesale deceit.

That 2007 Budget speech will live in infamy. Nobody can possibly forget his revolting performance taunting the Tories with the surprise 2p cut in income tax (pic above). And there must be a special place reserved in hell for a supposedly socialist Chancellor who will happily sacrifice the poorest workers in Britain just so he can score a cheap political point. A man like that would sell his own granny.

Oh, and one other thing. This now notorious Budget speech has mysteriously disappeared from its usual position on the HM Treasury website. All it now says is Error.

It sure was.


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