Saturday, October 25, 2008

Return Of The Doc

Back at last

After his far too lengthy hols, the Doc has finally returned to the blogosphere.

Why so long away? He says:

"I have been “round the houses” so many times on so many issues that I lose the will to live. Hence the prolonged blogging break."

Frankly, that's not good enough.

As we've told him many times, his country needs him. The rest of us can wave our arms about the problems of the NHS from the outside, but we lack his insider's insight into what's really going on. We've sorely missed his robust ability to cut through the crap, and his provocative style.

And while he's been sunning himself on some oligarch's yacht, the problems have not gone away. As he summarises:

"Junior doctors are not getting the experience they need. Real nursing care has disappeared. Elderly patients are dying of malnutrition or hospital acquired infections because there is no one to feed and clean them. Paramedics are pressurised into not taking critically ill patients into hospital. GPs are to be “incentivised” to keep sick patients at home. The de-skilling and dumbing-down gathers momentum. It is, I suspect, already unstoppable. The protocol-driven target culture “empowers” (as the government would say) unskilled workers to appear to do jobs which are in reality beyond their competence. And so it goes on.

Meanwhile, the boxes continue to be ticked, the targets are hit, and so all is well in the world of healthcare."

Welcome back Dr C.

PS Mrs T and I read Doc's post on the new drug for MS sufferers with a sense of inevitable disappointment. As we may have said before, a member of the Tyler family has MS, and so news reports this week of a new miracle drug got our full attention. But was it too good to be true? Sadly, yes, and the Doc gives us some chapter and verse on why. It's the sort of thing the msm ought to do, instead of constantly raising false hopes in pursuit of a good headline. But I guess nobody ever promised decent and truthful.


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