Wednesday, September 10, 2008

联合工会副秘书长德罗美先生(Jack Dromey)

HR管理世界, China 联合工会副秘书长德罗美先生(Jack Dromey)说:“那些坏老板无视数以百万计的工人的合法权利,这导致了剥削和蚕食。” 英国商业、企业和改革部

No, we're not altogether sure what it means either. But that's what came up when we News Googled Jack D to get the text of his speech to the TUC Conference.

We were interested because we'd caught a snatch of the speech on BBC Parliament - the bit where he was laying into Migration Watch as being the silky smooth toff voice of xenophobia. We were keen to know more about his view that Britain doesn't need immigration controls, and that those who say we do are xenophobic and/or racist.

You see, if we were members of the T&G - or indeed any union - and we found ourselves staring down the barrel of a job threatening recession, we'd expect our union leaders to speak up for us. We'd expect them to defend our jobs and our wage rates.

So how come this union leader doesn't think his members' interests count? How come this one reckons mass immigration - with its inevitable pressure on jobs and wage rates - is just fine and dandy?

And how come the brothers and sisters don't remind him who pays his wages?

Sadly, the speech doesn't seem to have made the news. Except in China. Maybe.

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