Sunday, September 14, 2008

Graphic Evidence

A couple of good graphics from today's S Telegraph:

1. Wind power fantasy

We've blogged the eco-wibbling windpower fantasy several times (eg see here). Today's ST article covers a new report from the Renewable Energy Foundation and is accompanied by this summary:

Wind tubines are an expensive toy. Not only are they eating money and despoiling our countryside, they simply cannot provide the dependable power we must have.

The politicos who have signed us up for this outrage should be strapped to turbine blades as a warning to others.

2. Aid for arms

As BOM readers will know, British taxpayers are fleeced for hundreds of millions to fund aid to India (c £2bn over 8 years - the UK's biggest aid recipient). Yet super-tiger India is no longer poor poor, and pumps huge amounts of its own cash into defence.

According to the ST, India's defence spending will exceed ours in five years, and here's their graphic:

At least we're not currently giving aid to China.

Or at least, not as far as we know...

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