Monday, August 25, 2008

Very Very Scary

Dr Campbell tooled up

I presume you've heard today's interviews with Dr Derrick Campbell, Chief Executive of Race Equality Sandwell, and advisor to the government. Commenting on the latest gruesome batch of black-on-black teenage murders, he blames the rest of us:
"Black youths within this country have been left to die. And that's a very strong statement but it's a statement that seems to be borne out through evidence about black youths who seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to our youngsters being killed.

Now we're asking very serious questions of national government and local government as to why it seems that resources that have been allocated for community cohesion and other activities have not been going to those organisations."

Our immediate thought was that he'd been paid by the BNP as part of a recruitment drive. But when we looked at his biog on Birmingham Black History, we began to think he maybe didn't exist at all - he'd been invented by the BNP:

"Through secondary schooling Derrick was always in the bottom sets as Black pupils were not allowed to be in the top sets at that time. He always wanted to be a male nurse... but he came to realise that he could not cope with the hospital environment... he changed direction and went to University, but he was thrown out after a year and trained as an electrician. In applying for an electrician post with Wolverhampton Borough Council he was offered a job as an officer!"

Of course, once on the council payroll, for reasons we can all easily imagine, he rose rapidly through the ranks to his present elevated position.

But whether he exists or not, as the almost uniformly hostile comments posted today under his biog demonstrate, in terms of BNP recruitment, he's certainly hit the spot.

So why would a "community leader" come out with inflammatory garbage like that in the first place? Yup, because he makes his living in the black victimhood equality industry. For example, writing in Guns Shackles & Chains, Sandwell Council's tax-funded propaganda glossy on the slave trade (no, I'm not making it up), he repeats an old BOM favourite:
"Slavery and the slave trade cemented the relations between Africa, Europe and the Americas into one of inequality. The industrial revolution in England lies at the heart of this change, and places like West Bromwich and Smethwick were an important part of it. Profit made from the enslavement of millions of Africans fuelled the rise of the iron industry, canals and estates like Warley Woods. The fight by black people and other abolitionists against slavery created an important legacy of opposition to racism and inequality."

As regular BOM readers may recall, we've looked at that very issue in some detail (see here and here). And the clear conclusion was that the slave trade did not fund the industrial revolution, in West Brom or anywhere else. Economic historians have shown the profits involved were nowhere near large enough to fund the industrial revolution.

So why is Doctor Campbell continuing to spin the same old propaganda? To be charitable, we might suppose it's because he's a Doctor of Theology, and not an economist or an historian. But come on, this isn't rocket science economics, and if he hasn't bothered to study the facts, WTF is he pontificating about it?

Campbell sounds like the worst kind of self-serving community empowerment bureaucrat. God knows how much we've already pumped into his organisation (it was £1m just between 2004/5 and 2006/7), but he clearly isn't satisfied.

Does he not understand we have no confidence in him or his tax-funded industry to stop black yobs stabbing each other? And does he not understand we're sick and tired of being dealt the guilt card yet again?

Why do we employ such a man? What precisely do we taxpayers get out of it?

PS That pic of Campbell with the shooter was taken at National Shooting Week. He attended in his capacity as chairman of the National Independent Advisory Group on Criminal Use of Firearms, which is an official Home Office advisory group. I have no idea why the HO reckons he's a good person to advise on gun crime. I'd rather have the Major.


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