Friday, August 15, 2008

MadWorld - Into The Abyss

I've already juiced your money, slaughtered your job, and torched your home... now it's your turn

So how's Gordo getting on with that re-re-re-relaunch?

According to the leaks, it comprises just two items: £100m on laptops for poor kids so they can play on pirated copies of MadWorld (pic above), and £600m on fuel vouchers for his chosen clients (ie families on welfare). All the rest of us will get is the bill.

And it looks like this whole shoot-em-up nightmare is rampaging into our homes faster than you can say In the name of God go!

  • Inflation accelerating- CPI currently 4.4% and RPI 5%. The Governor of the Bank of England - the man charged with keeping it at 2% - admits it will go higher still
  • Sterling collapsing - against our trade weighted basket of currencies, sterling is now down 13% over the last year... and the inflation pressure is up even further
  • Unemployment taking off - now up to 5.4%... so just since Tuesday, the Misery Index has pushed up a further 0.2% to 10.4% (compared to just 9.6% in May 1997)
  • Public finances disintegrating - in the first three months of this financial year the government clocked up a £20.4bn deficit, £8bn worse than last year... the collapse in the housing market on its own means a £3-4bn budgetary hole, and this morning's FT brought news that Merrill Lynch is charging $29bn of its global sub-prime losses against UK tax - which means they will pay no UK tax at all for several decades! (HTP Joan W)
  • Home repossessions soaring - despite constant assurances that "it was much worse under the Tories", the latest stats for home repossession orders show they are already running at around 112,000 pa (2008 H1 sa), and climbing fast; that's actually only 30,000 less than the 143,000 recorded at the height of the Tory mess in 1991... so watch this space (and remember the stats next time Yvette Cooper tries to make out the Tories were worse).

So WTF are you going to do?

It's too late to say you're sorry for ever voting in these clotheads, and I'm afraid you've missed the boat on switching everything into gold bars and shipping out. So you're stuck.

I suggest you arm yourself with a big chainsaw.

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