Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dumb And Dumber

This exam cheat instructional vid has had 1.6m hits on YouTube: you won't need any of it to sit A Levels

I dunno. Can I really be bothered to blog the dumbed down A Levels again?

Surely everybody already knows we always have another record breaking year - we've now had one every single year since 1427.

And surely everybody knows that improving trend reflects nothing more than the systematic dumbing down of standards.

And surely everybody knows that independent research shows A Levels are on average two whole grades easier than 20 years ago.

So may I simply refer you to last year's post. And also reproduce the chart showing how students with the same independent ability score have improved their grades as the A Levels have got easier:

The moral remains the same: never ever let politicians run your education system.

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