Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bella Italia

Mr and Mrs T are off to La Bella Italia. No, not the pasta chain, the real one.

According to BBC Thought for the Day with Clifford Longley, Italy has reverted to being a fascist state. Longley reckons Silvio's crime crackdown is barely disguised racism, directed exclusively against Roma gypsies and Albanian migrants.

Is he right? Maybe we'll find out. Bearing in mind of course that Rome is the only West European city centre the Tylers have ever visited where they were constantly plagued by broad-daylight pickpockets. All of whom looked like... er, well... gypsy children.

Of more immediate concern is the rotting rubbish. Where has the padrone taken it? Hope it's not been dumped round the back of the Tylers' hotel.


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