Monday, July 14, 2008

Scary Times

The Babes - now "at the controls"
A sagging economy, roaring inflation, lawless streets, failed schools, plague hospitals, busted banks, collapsing jobs... we're doomed. DOOMED!

We can hardly be surprised - as we've blogged a million times, Labour governments always end like this. And they never have any answers. They know how to spend loads of our money and... er... that's it.

Yes, of course, there is a silver lining in that their hopeless thrashing about is reminding everyone just how crass they are. Besides everything else, Jacqui's latest ludicrous scheme to tackle knife crime by inflicting the perpetrators on grieving relatives and A&E departments seems to have finally brought the roof down on Labour's "tough on crime" lies - some babe.

But the really scary thing is that we've still got two years to go before we can even hope to start back in the right direction.

And trust me, there's loads of further damage these knackered bankrupt low-grades will inflict on us in the interim.

Like public sector strikes - we're well into Labour's latest incomes policy, and the strikes have already started. As we've noted before, our heavily unionised public "servants" are more than 100 times more likely to strike than their private sector counterparts.

Like power blackouts - bungling and indecision on building new power stations means that from 2015, the lights start going out (eg this morning's story on 8 new nukes planned for our existing nuclear sites - courageously leaked to the press and then immediately denied when the hippies squawked).

Like even more debt - not just the borrowing they tell us about, but the hidden bits to cover those public sector final salary pensions (still payable at 60 or below), and further bank bailouts (where do you think Mssrs Bradford and Bingley are heading?)

Like... well, we can all think of a long and dismal list.

Yesterday we lunched most enjoyably with some confirmed old Labour supporters. They will never ever vote Tory, even though they're bright articulate people. But they clearly understand we need a change - after eleven years, Labour has simply run out of ideas and run out of energy.

There was much talk of moving to the US system whereby a PM could only serve two terms. But of course, that only really works when you have a directly elected President, and in the UK we have to make do with our clapped out Westminster electoral college. Under the rules of that entirely discredited insiders' club, we routinely end up with leaders we have never ever voted for.

And as the refreshments flowed, there was much nostalgic talk of Tony. Indeed, the Labour view is that he was our very best post-War PM. Obviously better than the Evil Thatch, but better even than the Sainted Clem.


Yes - booming economy, peace in Northern Ireland, and Kosovo. Achievements that historians will highlight long after all the noise has subsided.

So now we know.

But whatever we may think of Blair's manifold failures, we can't deny he was elected. And it was him. The third raters who constitute today's cabinet got in on his coat-tails. No wonder they're so far out of their depth.



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