Thursday, July 03, 2008

Plucky Brits Lose Out To Spaniards

Yeah? Well I bet we beat you on knife crime

We're just off to Spain for some pooltime with the how-come-we-never-see-you-any-more junior Tylers. And after yesterday's Spanish drubbing of Scotland (oh yes), I thought I'd quickly check out their crime stats. Surely we must be beating them there.

What a shock! Did you know that Spain is the robbery capital of the world? Apparently it is, on a rate eight times higher than ours, even though we're pretty close to the top ourselves (1.6 robberies per 1000 inhabitants).

But at least we're miles ahead on assaults - 7.5 per 1000 people vs a mere 2.2 (most of which are probably down to holidaying Liverpudlians).

I reckon that's honours even.

Not that the Spanish are happy about it. One local commentator says:

"In Spain, the crime rate is obviously on the rise under the Zapatero Administration. While the ones in charge mess around with conveniently fabricated numbers and statistics, one thing has become increasingly clear. In recent years, Spaniards have started to feel more and more insecure, not only out in the streets, but within their own homes. Facing the passivity of this Administration, Spaniards see a sort of quiet terror settling in which will most likely escalate.

...downtown areas of the big cities are breaking down at a remarkable rate. In the name of multiculturalism and coexistence, entire neighborhoods are becoming black holes of crime, prostitution, drug trafficking, and consumption, as well as mafia-style contracts. It is no longer about petty theft or misdemeanors; we speak about real crime in the middle of the streets, wild assaults to jewelers, gang raids. The law of the jungle reigns."

Blimey. It isn't just Britain then.

Better take my Kevlar swimmies.

PS I heard this morning's R5 phone-in on London's latest horrific knife murders. The callers split between the Major and Mr Barrowclough. The Major called for much more visible and harsher punishments for anyone caught carrying a knife. Mr Barrowclough wanted miscreants taken in hand and you know, educated somehow about how dangerous knives are. And how exactly might that education be accomplished? Hmm... well, I'm no expert you know, but I feel sure there must be ways... perhaps people could be shown the consequences of their knife crime? Yeah. Sure. Although I was surprised nobody mentioned this 35 year old re-education technique (WARNING: not suitable for viewing by anyone):

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