Thursday, June 12, 2008

What A Bunch Of Tankers

The Bad Method for delivering fuel

The tanker drivers who operate Shell's sub-contracted petrol distribution system are striking because their pay hasn't increased since 1992.

Sounds bad. After all, average earnings have nearly doubled since then.

Tell you what - let's forget the total disruption to our lives that will result from the strike, let's all bear with them and wish them well in their fight for justice. And let's grin and bear the further increase in petrol prices it will certainly entail.

But just out of interest, what exactly is their frozen wage?

Well, it's £32K pa.

£32 grand? Surely in these straightened times that's not too bad for a tanker driver. A doubling would certainly be ludicrous.

And come to that, HTF did they ever manage to get themselves onto £32K in the first place? After all, in 1992 average earnings were around £13 grand, compared to £25 grand now.

Ah, I remember now - it was the unions.

Now, clearly we don't want complete idiots driving fuel tankers, but these drivers seem to have have had a pretty cushtie deal for a very long time. No wonder Shell handed the whole problem over to sub-contractors.

Honk if you support us.

Except of course, you won't be able to drive your car.

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