Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Masterplan Cannot Be Stopped

The treaty is alive!

Some wonderful reactions to the judgement of those idiotic ill-informed Irish voters. Who said the following:

Mr A : "This vote should not be seen as a vote against the EU. I believe the treaty is alive ... 18 member states have already approved the treaty and the European Commission believes that the remaining ratifications should continue."

Mr B "The masses have little time to think."

Mr C: "Either the world will be ruled according to the ideas of our modern democracy, or the world will be dominated according to the natural law of force; in the latter case the people of brute force will be victorious."

Yes, OK, it's an old trick. But when it comes to old-fashioned democracy vs The Project, Barroso, Benito, and Adolf do sound awfully similar.

As we all surely understand by now, the entire superstate project comes straight from 1930s fascism. The good Doc Goebbels spelled it out on 11 September 1940 (yes, that September 1940):

"In fifty years time, future generations will be amused at the political disputes that are now going on in Europe. The 'dramatic national conflicts' of many small European states will seem to them no more than family quarrels. I am convinced that in fifty years people will no longer think in terms of countries - many of today's problems will have faded into obscurity and there will be little left of them. People will think in terms of continents...

What it means for you is that you are already members of a great Reich which is preparing to reorganize Europe, tearing down the barriers that still separate the European peoples and making it easier for them to come together. We are performing here a work of reform which I am convinced will one day be recorded..." (cont in 2008)

Now, what can possibly be wrong with that?

PS According to Harriet Harman and Europe Minister Paul Murphy this morning, the Irish rejected the superstate not because they don't want it, but because they don't think the EU has enough power over things like climate change, food prices, terrorists, and a whole load of other Bad Stuff only the EU can cure. The good Doctor would have been proud. The only surprise was that they didn't mention the Jewish Question. Just one other thing - now the Irish have given us a further breathing space, may we please have an unambigous statement from Cam that he will give us a referendum on Day One.

PPS What if? games are always fun. What if the Nazis had implemented their superstate? How would it deal with current day issues? For those who missed it, you really should read BBC Today listener Tim Sanders' brilliant opening paragraphs for How Green Were The Nazis? (or better still, listen to him reading it - here, one minute in).

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