Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

We couldn't find a local election turnout graph on any of those expensive government websites, but here's one Herts Council prepared earlier. And as we can see, ex-General Election years, turnout is low, low, low.

Now, Mrs T and I are keen to do everything we can to re-establish a vibrant democracy. So we're going to spend all day voting.

Yes, we'll start here in Surrey, where the aim is to keep the Lib Dems out: we're still dealing with the mountain of sandals and micro-generation plants on which they squandered our Council Tax last time they were at the controls... not to mention the "eco-sustainable Lightbox", which is nothing more or less than a 1973-style Manchester Arndale Centre carbuncle plonked down on our town's only premium development site:

Our new tax-funded carbuncle

Then, once we're done voting here, we're off up to The Smoke to make sure Red Ken is safely dispatched. As we've blogged many times, only 16% of London voters actually voted for this dreadful man, and that includes second preferences. But it's no good just moaning- we actually have to take the trouble to vote.

So vote number two has to go to Boris, hair, Bullingdon Club and all.

PS How come we get two votes? Because we own a flat in London, on which we pay Council Tax and which we use regularly. So two votes. It's one of those grey areas, but I'm guessing if we owned (or even rented) a country estate, we could vote there too. And no, shamefully we didn't vote in the two previous Mayoral elections.

PPS Yes, we know the real reason turnout is so low is that local councils are little more than a second-rate arm of central government. And no, absent real fiscal decentralisation (eg see this blog), and central government loosening its grip on senior police appointments, it probably doesn't make much difference. But we do get to see Ken's face, and we do get to see the back of his dreadful cronies. And new serious Boris just has to be better.

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