Friday, May 02, 2008

Turn Again Boris

We're all listeners now

So Boris has won.


And yet... we've just watched an extraordinary report on BBC News in which, rather than rejoicing, they gave a free hit to a whole load of pissed off Livingstone apparatchiks explaining how Ken is a visionary and Boris is a right-wing maniac who will be a disaster for London.

Where have these BBC journos been over the last 8 years?

We know they travel everywhere in cabs and limos paid for by us, so won't know about the Congestion Charge. But surely even they should have noticed the disruption to their journeys caused by Ken's anti-motorist bendy buses and traffic light rephasings.

And we also know they are strong supporters of the BBC-boosting 2012 Olympics. But surely even they must have noticed that socking great bill weighing on the shoulders of innocent London Council Tax payers.

And we know they are strong supporters of Brixton Base and other tax-funded leftie crap. But surely even they must have noticed all those gzillions that have gone walkabout.

Still, no matter - whatever the BBC says, the rest of us are breaking out the shandy. And thinking even harder about how we can get Dave to abolish the licence fee and sell off the BBC.

Boris, though, eh?

He's got a lot to prove, for sure. And a seriously toxic legacy... just how can he deliver on Ken's irresponsible and deceitful undertaking to pay all the extra dosh for 2012 without raising Council Tax? (Here's a small hint - use the LDA's hundreds of millions of central government grants currently spent on that leftie crap).

But the Bloke and Tyler are big fans of Boris. The Bloke says that when he first started writing stuff about how government incinerates our money, Boris was the only - THE ONLY - editor of anything, who was prepared to give him a hearing, let alone page space.

So well done Boris. We look forward to watching you return London to sanity.

PS Another excellent bit of news - James Cleverly elected to the GLA for Bexley and Bromley with a thumping majority. James is one of the good guys, and we'll be rooting for him as he gets stuck into the mess left by Ken and his cronies. Well done.

PPS Isn't it just too delicious listening to all those busted commissars explaining how they're going to start "listening" to us. Well, the message is very simple: we want you to eff the effin eff off, and never come back. OK?

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