Monday, May 19, 2008

Saucy Ladyboy

Any guacamole?

I've just heard ex-Minister Steve Ladyman explaining on the World At One how Labour's crass anti-toff campaign is justified. He reckons it's important to highlight how the Tory candidate in Crewe has no connection with the constituency, and nothing in common with his prospective constituents.


I waited for Martha to scoff and remind him of the hundreds of similar carpetbagging Labour MPs. But somehow she didn't.

The reality is that most of Labour's heartland Northern constituences are now held by a bunch of Southern nonces, imposed on local voters by NuLab, who have taken their votes entirely for granted.

My favourites are the Brothers Milliband. They are the members for South Shields (Dave) and Doncaster North (Ed). Both replaced long-serving real Labour MPs.

In Dave's case, old Labour sitting MP David Clarke was bought out with a peerage, and Millipede rammed down the throats of the local constituency party against intense opposition. Dave has a house in the constituency (paid for by us), but lives his real life in upmarket Primrose Hill.

Ed's predecessor was communist miner Kevin Hughes (decd), best remembered for his attack on NuLab Guardianistas:

"Does my right hon. Friend find it bizarre—as I do—that the yoghurt and muesli eating, Guardian-reading fraternity are only too happy to protect the human rights of people engaged in terrorist acts, but never once do they talk about the human rights of those who are affected by them?"

Now, that's the authentic voice of Doncaster North. These days locals have to put up with a dollop of warmed over guacamole posing as mushy peas.

Next time, Martha, do try to remember.

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