Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marred By Prejudice

Back in the days when trouserless politicos resigned

I've just watched Andrew Marr's History of Britain on the 1950s:

"The programme explodes the popular image of the 1950s as a golden age of order and prosperity, and of lost content. A Conservative government is back in power. The economy appears to be improving. New homes are being built, the age of mass car ownership is dawning, and people have money in their pockets. But 1950s Britain isn't as calm as it looks, or as strong. Etc etc."

Of course, we know all about the Fantastickal World of Andy Marr: the Tories are a bunch of bumbling self-serving toffs, out of touch with the harsh realities of working class Britain, and never more so than in the never-never 1950s.

But... and I'm sorry if you've heard this one before, but my blood is bubbling... Andy being a privately educated toff, probably doesn't understand that the fifties really were the time we working class kids on the estates never had it so good. GDP growth in the thirteen years of Tory misrule from 1951 to 1964 averaged 3% pa, far higher than anything we've achieved in any other 13 year period, and certainly far higher than anything we've ever clocked up under any Labour government.

Prosperity, real education, law and order, the hula hoop, satire, the Beatles (oh yes, they all started under the Tories)... we had it all.

So remind me - just why do these BBC pundits all support Labour? Surely they can't really think Labour politicos are any more "in touch" than the Tories?

Can it simply be the tax-funded BBC pay cheques? And the patronising, totally unfounded belief that the working class can't survive without far-sighted leadership by the Prog Elite?


Nobody could be that crass.

PS It's a real shame they've got the Big Eared Leftie Preening Twerp doing this prog. The newsreel clips are brill, and it could have been an excellent series.

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