Friday, May 23, 2008


GBFL - Lindy puts the case

As BOM readers may be aware, back in 2005, Tyler ran a blog with the snappy title of DDFL - David Davis For Leader. Given its stunning success, he's now contemplating a new leadership blog entitled GBFL - Gordon Brown For Leader.

Tyler feels strongly that Gordon Brown is the right man to lead Labour into the next election, and he's dismayed that not everyone agrees. Post the Crazy Result of the Crewe By-election, all kinds of Labour MPs Tyler's never heard of are trawling around the TV pundits saying Gordon should step aside. That's so wrong. Brown is doing more than anyone to ensure A Better Future For Britain.

Consider the Five Facts:

1. Gordon abolished the Economic Cycle!

His far-sighted stewardship of the economy has eliminated the recessions we used to suffer under those hopeless boomandbust Tories. Never again will unemployment stalk the land. (Technical note: the recent uptick in "worklessness" is a statistical aberration that will soon be eliminated).

2. Gordon abolished poverty!

Thanks to Him, eight year old children no longer have to slave 20 hour days in the cotton mills and up chimneys. Fact.

3. Gordon saved Africa!

Well, except for Sudan. And Zimbabwe. And a couple of other places. But come on - he was the one who got Bonio to give that epoch defining press conference in the Four Seasons Hotel.

3. Gordon legalised gay marriage!

Fine, Bliar was PM at the time. But it was definitely Gordon who pushed it home.

4. Gordon gave us great summers!

He was Chancellor during the hottest summers on record. All except for 1976, anyway. And 1757.

5. Gordon made the trains run on time!

Or he would have done, if he hadn't been so badly let down by others.

All in all, that's one helluva record. And those backstabbing Labour MPs should be ashamed of themselves.

They owe it to the country to ensure Gordon has the chance to put his record before the British people in 2010.


PS For reasons that needn't detain us, in 1966 Tyler watched the BBC filming an edition of the shockingly poor White Heather Club at Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran. He was devastated to discover the whole thing was faked. The songs were pre-recorded, and Robin Hall and Jimmie McGregor just nonced about miming and trying to get recognised. At that instant, all Tyler's youthful faith in the goodness of man vaporised, and he became the bitter twisted cynic you see before you today. The Golden Age of Telly it was not:

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