Sunday, May 04, 2008

Feel The Force: The Great Comrade Speaks

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us, Your Excellency?

This morning, Public Information Spokesperson Ashley once again invited the Great Comrade to share his thoughts on the Great Leap Forward.

As we all understand, thanks to the American Imperialist Recession which is totally beyond the GC's control, patriotic belts may be feeling a little tighter.

But are we downhearted?

Not a bit of it!

The GC assures us we are in his safe hands. Unlike the bourgeois traitor Toriskyists, who are full of slick sales talk, but would leave HARD WORKING FAMILIES to fend for themselves on the frozen Steppe, he plans a World of Plenty and Fairness for All.

Which is why he has personally "forced through" change:
  • Counter-revolutionary GPs have been forced to open their surgeries again
  • Hospitals have been forced to deep-clean the dried blood and vomit from their beds
  • Help will be forced to materialise for first-time home buyers


Marr was his usual soft-balling self, but the Commissar in Brown was plain for all to see. Policy comprising nothing more than "forcing" change from the top is Stalinism pure and simple. After 11 years of monstrous spending and increasingly dysfunctional public services, it's pathetic that's all he's got to offer.

And HTF does he think ordering the constuction of 3m new homes is going to make it happen? Has he not noticed how the builders are all scurrying round canning all spec projects? Who's going to buy all his new homes? Where's the cash coming from?

The guy looks and sounds like someone from a Big Government age that's mercifully slipping away.

And Brown didn't look that perky either.

PS When the Romanians gave old Nic the thumbs down, at least he had the sense to understand what it meant and to run for the exit. Gordo reckons 24% doesn't mean anything other than we want him to force us to accept even more of his failed Stalinism. The lampost of history beckons.

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