Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bloke On The Wireless

Up early this am to accompany the Bloke on an outing to the Today prog. Unless he gets canned, he'll be on at 8.45 discussing British government aid to India (see this blog).

How nerve-racking.

Update: Well, the Bloke got out alive, despite Evan's hostile fire ("that's a bogus figure"... "so you are in favour of higher taxes in India!"... "when did you stop beating your wife?" etc). It would be really good to have longer to discuss such issues, but I guess that's not the way Today can work.

PS One interesting thing- the BBC studio in Guildford was locked when we arrived at 8.15, and there was no way of contacting anyone inside- ie the bell didn't work, there was nobody on the reception desk, no phone number displayed, and nobody visible through any of the windows. Eventually we collared a passer by who just happened to be married to a BBC employee and kindly phoned him. Sweat count 123%.

PPS We're off to the West Country for the weekend, so posts may be sporadic.

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