Sunday, April 13, 2008

Whiplash Welfare

Meet Mistress Wildcat, who according to the authoritative NoTW is a "busty 37-year-old kinky DOMINATRIX who dons rubber suits and knee-high boots to dole out £100-an-hour whippings and torture to perverted punters."

Fair enough.

But Tyler is highly concerned about her secret life of shame. Going by the exotic and bizarre name of "Catherine Frost", her sickening £27k pa day job is working for Poole Borough Council doling out public money. According to the report, so-called "welfare recipients" must "submit to a range of sordid acts as the mistress leads them around on a dog leash, scalds them with molten wax, canes their backsides and clamps their privates".

That kind of treatment is normally reserved for taxpayers.

PS Yes, the man in the hamster cage is a government minister. And the bit out of shot is him filling in his expense claim.

PPS Yes again. Poole Council is the same one that spies on school parents. It's a full service operation.

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