Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Is The Point Of Sir Christopher Frayling?

See anything wrong with these?

Last week I listened to Quentin Letts ask "What is the point of the Arts Council?" To be frank, I thought he let this self-serving £600m pa quango off far too lightly (see previous blogs eg here and here).

But he did uncover one gob-smacker in his interview with Council supremo Sir Christopher Frayling: Chris claimed he had no idea his organisation was asking its thousands of grant dependents to state their sexual orientation.

Think about that: the Uber Gruppenfuhrer i/c NuLabour's Kulturkampf claims not to know about the ghastly things being done at the front. It's like the Fuhrer claiming he had no idea about the unpleasantness in his conquered territories.

As we all know, the management of sexual orientation is now a key function of any state body, from the police to the London Drivel Agency. It's part of the Diversity Agenda, and any annual report from a department or quango will now feature reams of tables and commentaries on how well things are going diversitywise.

So if Chris isn't on top of what's happening what on earth is he for? This morning we found out- he's redesigned Britain's coins. And here they are:

Oh no they're not because the Mint hasn't yet seen fit to post the pix

Why's this been done? According to the Mint, it's to "renew and reinvigorate" our coinage.

I repeat, why's this been done?

And how much is it costing?

We were all quite happy with the old coins.

Why must Commissars for ever fiddle with our money? Just count how many of the following have now been swept away:

PS If you fancy going on the Arts Council Board, they're currently looking for three new members, and here's the application pack. Closing date is 30 April, so you'll need to get your skates on. And you really will have to resolve your sexual orientation. Straight, gay, bi, transgender, sequential hermaphrodite? Your call, but I believe the Council has a serious underrepresentation of seqherms.

PPS We presume there's also a PSA target for sexual diversity balance in the Cabinet, and we will FOI the results. Meanwhile, the Major is deploying all his skill and judgement to estimate it. So far he's he reckons there are at least three zoophiliacs, which is excellent, and a couple of Stepford lavender munchers. But we don't know how that stacks up against the PSA target.

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