Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slavin' For Bread, Sir

"I wake up in the morning thinking what can we do to help homeowners,

to help those people who have got small businesses,

people looking for jobs... blah, blah, blah-blah..."

It's tragic and pafetic. Poor old Gordo pretends he "digs" the Monkeys, but in moments of high stress he grabs for the musical comfort blanket of his far-off youth (after all, he's nearly as old as Tyler!).

For those of more tender years, Desmond Dekker - the King of Ska - was the original breakthrough Jamaican in Britain, reaching No 1 in 1968 with the ditty above. And Tyler can still recall how Dekker was feted in leftie circles as being the genuine article - soul music from the oppressed slave plantations of the British Empire (you thought the slave plantations had been abolished 160 years before 1968? not in the oppressive empires of the mind they hadn't - see here).

So how do you reckon 17 year old Gordo would have reacted to DD?

Exactly. It was wonderful grist to his impressionable young socialist mill. Wake up in the mornin' slavin' for bread sir, so that every mouth can be fed- every wet dream teenage revolutionary prejudice he'd ever had. No wonder he's quoting it now.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, just what has he promised the banks?

All we know so far is that the Bank of England is providing another £15bn of liquidity (ie they're lending the banks more against collateral). But Brown has been talking about additional measures being revealed "over the coming period of time" (seconds? minutes? hours? weeks? months? centuries?).

What measures?

Let's hope they don't include us buying the bank's dodgy mortgage loans.

Because we don't want them.

PS Yes, now I've Googled it, I realise it was "get up in the mornin', slavin' for bread sir". But I'm guessing Gordo remembered it wrong too. These fried brain cells...

PPS I heard some of Dave on the BBC R5 phone-in this morning. He got a predictably smooth ride, with most callers making it clear they wouldn't piss on Labour if they were on fire. But there was no mistaking their feeling that Dave is still policylite. Just what would he do about, say, taxes or immigration? The vote will be to eject Labour. But there ain't a lot of confidence about Dave's ability to do much better. The vision has not put in an appearance.

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