Friday, April 11, 2008

News From BOM Correspondents- 4

Lemley Ungagged

Latest links and news from BOM readers:

2102 Olympics: £20bn an underestimate

BOM's estimate of the all-in costs of 2012 has always been £20bn (compared to the initial official figure of £2.3bn). Now, no less a figure than Jack Lemley, ex-Chairman ofthe Olympic Delivery Authority, has said £20bn is an underestimate.

As you will recall, the vastly experienced Lemley left in 2006, frustrated by the lies and all-round incompetence of the 2012 Commissars (see this blog and this on Lemley's CV). Now he says he always thought the final cost would be £20 billion, because of the state of the Stratford site:

"Mr Lemley said he was "run off" (forced out) from the ODA because " noone wanted to believe" the figure. "I was deeply concerned about the [ODA] organisation and the lack of urgency and I was worried about the dates - even then we had a desperately short time to do our work," he said.

Mr Lemley said the ODA had not taken sufficient account of "the polluted water issues" and "[a] sewage treatment plant that discharges hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of raw sewage" near the Olympic site.

He said £20 billion "was a figure I held all the time. But nobody wanted to hear it because they'd have to admit that they were culpable for suppressing the data."

[He described the new £9.3bn] figure as "ridiculous" and said he was now "positive" the budget would rise to £20 billion."

So £20bn it is.

Except of course, our £20bn includes a number of other essential items, such as transport links, which have never been part of the ODA's budget (see this blog) If Lemley is right on the Olympic Park itself, then total costs ratchet up to... gulp... £25-£30bn.


Eco Industry

As you probably know, recent evidence suggests that global warming has stopped. This is highly inconvenient for the tax-funded Eco industry, including of course, the BBC.

Jennifer Marohasy's Politics and Environment Blog reports a jaw-dropping email exchange between the BBC's eco advocate Roger Harrabin and some druidical zealot:

"It would appear that the result of the email exchange was that the BBC changed its story. In particular instead of reporting the story as received from the World Meteorological Organisation, the BBC modified the story as demanded by the activist who was concerned that in its original form it supported 'the skeptics' correct observation that there has been no warming since 1998."

It's well worth reading the exchange both for how the zealot threatens Harrabin with exposure and humiliation among the green druids, and how easily and cravenly Harrabin folds.

(htp Spokey)

Meanwhile, A Reader highlights an excellent fisk by the ever-dependable Richard North. Richard rips into a half baked Telegraph article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, bigging up the wind-turbine industry. As we know, wind turbines make absolutely no economic sense (eg see here), and the industry is booming for one reason and one reason only - massive taxpayer subsidies.

Barnett back-of-envelope

It turns out the notorious Barnett formula, which allocates all that public money to Scotland, is somewhat less scientific than it was cracked up to be. Lord B himself says:

"All I did was put together, almost on the back of an envelope, a mechanism for allocating public expenditure between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the basis of population – even that was on approximate numbers."

He adds:

"I have nothing against Scots but they have to examine how much money they get and why. The real danger in not doing anything is that people in England will begin to be so angry about it that they will do what Alex Salmond wants them to do and press for a break-up of the UK."

Bright boy, that Lord B.

(htp JW)

Medja welfare dependency

Something coming down the tracks quite fast now is the extension of state welfare to more of the broadcast media. BBC and C4 already get taxpayer support (see this blog), but these media folk always want more.

Their demands are always based on something called "public service broadcasting". We have no idea what that means, other than being forced to put up with Jon Snow and Sarah Smith telling us every night that the credit crisis proves capitalism is bust (on top of being evil, that is).

The latest wheeze is to give them more dosh from a tax on broadband usage.

No. No. No.

(htp GoggleEyes)

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