Wednesday, April 02, 2008

News From BOM Correspondents- 3

How the British Council promotes Britain

Latest news and links:

BBC propaganda for British Council

Somehow David Blackie failed to enjoy this week's BBC puff for My Lord Kinnockio's British Council. Amazing though it may seem, he reckons Emily Mateless failed to cut through the BC spin, and... no... this can't be right, can it:

"the programme’s producer was Kate Bland of Just Radio Ltd, a company for which the British Council is a key non-broadcast client, and which they describe on their web site as “the most innovative English language teaching network in the world”.

Cuh! If you can't trust the BBC, who can you trust?

£3m parking fees not enough

Calderdale Council has just lost £120,000 on its parking services, despite raising £3m from parking fines and other charges. They've recently taken over parking fines from the police, and last year their keen-as-mustard enforcers dished out a mind-boggling 18,500 tickets to local residents.

Yet it apparently wasn't enough. Just how much can it cost to run a few carparks?

BOM's advice: don't stop in Calderdale.


Limos for Commons staff

More than £1.7m of taxpayers' money has been spent on taxis and car hire for Commons staff in the past five years.

Not to mention the £4 grand spent by Mrs Martin on cabs to go shopping: well done TPA for pursuing that little matter.

(HTP Bishbosh)

£140 grand on Splash Bash

Up in Sunderland the Council are spending £140k on a party to launch their new £20m tax-funded Aquatic Centre (whatever happened to the municipal swimming pool?). Many locals think £140 grand for a council piss-up is a tad OTT for a city as strapped as Sunderland.

(HTP Roy Keane)

PS No we don't know why British taxpayers would want to pay foreign students to make vids about American soft drinks either. Perhaps My Lord K could explain.

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